Pau Llop

Journalist. Social-tech entrepreneur.
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My professional concerns are aimed to find solutions to enhance the quality, accessibility and impact in the the Public Opinion construction through journalism. If public opinion is the mechanism the societies have to talk about themselves, and, therefore, determine their present and plan their future, my goals are:

1   That the traditional media crisis didn’t put out the practice of journalism.

2   To open the construction of the public agenda to all citizens

3   To devise technologies and methodologies to allow the above.

Therefore, my project includes both research and entrepreneurship aspects:


Bottup.com: Founded in 2007, Bottup offers for free to any citizen the opportunity to make their voices heard in a professional manner: corroborated, verified, corrected, enlarged. At Bottup professional journalists edit citizens. In Bottup amateur news become professional news. In these six years we edited and published more than 8,000 stories of over 2,200 people from over 15 countries.

Fixmedia.org: Launched in 2012, this web-app funded through a successful crowdfunding campaign is a tool designed and coded to hack the value chain of the news. The operation is based on an innovative mix of Digg methodology and ‘Pledge’ (type Change.org) processes. All code is created by my team ‘from 0’ and released to the commons from GitHub. Fixmedia has been included by the European Commission as a “best practice” for the media on the continent (see document, page 20).

Nxtmdia: Nxtmdia is a social company. We apply our Know-How, accumulated in the previous operation of other projects, into other projects undertaken for clients such as Red.es (I created and managed its official blog for 3 years), Saatchi & Saatchi, Periodismohumano.com (from the Spanish Pulitzer Javier Bauluz), and others. Profits are reinvested in our Labs, where, apart from those already existing Fixmedia and Bottup, we hope to develope other projects, such as the JournaLab,we are creating right now.


I have recently served as teacher at the Master in Communication, Culture and Digital Citizenship at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Media Lab Prado in Madrid. Here you can see a video of my speech and the material itself. Also I will be a teacher in the 1st edition of the Master of Innovation in Journalism at the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche and also to Master of Media Management on Internet of the Universidad Carlos III. I also shared my researches as a speaker at conferences such as Digital Journalism Summit of Huesca, the Media140 Futures and Media140 Frontiers of Barcelona or TEDx Madrid, among others that can be found in my CV.

As a journalist I have worked in traditional media (Diario Información), public and private companies (Indra) and leader start-ups such InfoJobs.net. Currently I coordinate and write about journalism, commons goods, open technologies and new social and economic models in the blog Colaboratorio at Eldiario.es (here all my stories so far). In any of these items, like ‘Pirate Journalism’, I develope some of the concepts that currently interest me in my line of research: P2P Journalism and ‘crowd-sourcing/funding’ as business models and future expansion of journalism. I’m also keep a personal / professiona blog since 2006 in which share these subjects.

My role in this is to investigate, devise, propose and coordinate the implementation of projects. I have the luck of having a small team of professionals really excellent in their fields: coding, designing, marketing and journalism.

The problem

The basic problem is: traditional media are succumbing to the huge technological, economic and social drastic changes we are living with. Until now it has been difficult to solve this problem by the heavy inertia of these entities, who see the news as a closed and final product, while today’s society manage the news as a ‘steady flow’ and opened to everyone.Thanks to the research and development of very specific for this field new techs, my team and me are able to provide a global solution.


We aim to create a new market that does not exist but is in sight. A market where anyone in the world can become a journalist on meritocratic basis, where credibility and relevance are not granted by the traditional headlines but are built the user himself day by day. This is the goal of Bottup-to-scale project in which we are involved now within the Ashoka Globalizer program that I will present in June as part of the Global Media Forum. I’m Ashoka fellow since 2009.


There are other projects slightly similar but the difference is that our project can not conceive of himself as a ‘media’ or ‘newspaper’, but as a platform. Our philosophy is Software as a Service (SaaS) to develop Journalism as a Service (JaaS).

Will it contribute to society, create jobs and improve the quality of life?

According to my previous research studies the project may create a new ultra-distributed and ultra-segmented economy in a business (journalism) that currently has no model for its self-sustainability. We hope that our new platform are being able to create new revenue streams for the new journalists. We hope anyone who proposes it can become a journalist. And we push to allow citizens to participate in the process.