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A ‘Storygram’ interview

A few days ago, Carla Boserman wrote to me to propose an interview via Skype. She is in Madrid and I, right now, in London. The distance, although both are digital habituals, mattered: Carla is illustrator and student of CCCD Master (in which a few weeks ago I was teaching a class and where she captured me remarkably well) and his proposal was to “draw” the interview and do what she has coined as storygram.

Nevertheless we did the experiment, via skype and then only with sound, no video. We talked about journalism, specifically on these issues.

The result is in spanish but I think you can catch the essence:

Here you can get all the images sizes

Which are the boundaries of journalistic formats? Who decides on these, if anything like this can be decided?

The artist intellectual-mediation in situations like this -an interview- (unusual, at least for me) opens a whole new world of possibilities that other authors like Enrique Flores and some more are rehearsing for some time in other environments such as demonstrations, meetings or events of all kinds, like conventions, and so forth. 

Maybe tomorrow also on hard news? My bet is yes.

Experimenting is not only a pleasure, it is a road full of surprises and first stones that will build things much larger.

Making the bird to sing in english

I’m starting with a new way for my english tweets:

If your first language is spanish, maybe you can find more suitable my of-all-life blog at and follow me on:

Hello world! You can change

Yep. Through a more open journalism. By tech, but not only. The networked world is a people-centered concern. P2P journalism? Pirate journalism? The end of journalism as industry? The start of Journalism as a Service?

Let’s dive into all of this.

This is my first attempt at writing regularly in English. Please be merciful and help me to find my writing mistakes 🙂